A Distant Shore  Production Details

Production order:
38 - Season two

Airing order in the USA:

Original air date:
April 14, 1989

Written by:
Marie Therese Squerciati

Michael Switzer

Director of Photography:
Stevan Larner ASC

Production Designer:
John Mansbridge

Craig Ridenour

Supervising Producer - Stephen Kurzfeld

Producer - George R. R. Martin

Producers - Alex Ganza - Howard Gordon

Produced by Kenneth R. Koch

Co-Producer - Patricia Livingston


Don Davis - Theme by Lee Holdridge



Ron Perlman

Catherine Chandler

Linda Hamilton


Roy Dotrice

Joe Maxwell Jay Acovone
Rita Escobar Carolyn Finney
Mouse David Greenlee
Gina Barrett Debra Engle
Mel Rae Andy Bloch
Richie Sal Jenco
Booth Woman Tina Andrews
Cab driver Stewart Zully
Receptionist Tracy Burns
Danny Alan Berger
Booth Engineer Artie Ripp
Wiseguy Carles Dougherty
P.A Andrew David Miller
Musician Brad Sevy


Literary references:
Robert Frost - Acquainted with the night, 1928
    read by Vincent to Father
    This is in the final credits of the episode, mispelling included:
"Aquainted with the Night" by Robert Forst, copyright 1928 by Holt, Rinehart and Winston, Inc. and renewed 1956 by Robert Frost. Recorded by permission of Henry Holt and Company, Inc.

F. Scott Fitzgerald - The Great Gatsby, 1925
    a talkative cab driver quotes a passage of the book to Catherine

Music references:
"The First Time I Loved Forever"
Vocals by Lisa Angelle
Lyrics by Melanie
Melody by Lee Holdridge
From the Beauty and the Beast Album, courtesy of Capitol Records



Executive producers: Paul Junger Witt, Tony Thomas, Ron Koslow

Associate producer: Anthony Mazzei
Coordinating Producer: David F. Schwartz


Unit Production Manager Tony Brown
1st Assistant Director Joseph John Kontra
2nd Assistant Director Christopher T. Gerrity

Art Director - Woody Willis
Set Decorator Peg Cummings
Property Master Allan J. Gordon
Assistant Producer David F. Schwartz
Script Supervisor Patience Thoreson
Stunt Coordinator - John C. Meier
Special effects Coordinator - Gary Bentley

Main Titles Robert Farina
Main Titles Chris Arnold
Make-up Artist Fred Blau Jr
Hair Stylist Josephine McCarthy
Beast Make-up Margaret Beserra
Costumer Mary Taylor
Costumer - Ron Hodge
Sound Mixer Pat Mitchell
Sound Mixer Rick Ash
Sound Editing David Hankins
Music Editor Carl Swaartz


Costume Designer - Judy Evans
Casting Joyce Robinson & Penny Ellers

Beast designed & creatd by Rick Baker