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The description of Kanin and his family background is very detailed in the script. Most of such details are lost in the episode, apart from Olivia being a widow which is mentioned in one of Catherine's lines:
"KANIN enters, carrying his 10- month-old son LUKE and leading his blind-folded wife OLIVIA. Kanin is 36 years old, lean and muscular, a man not afraid of a hard day’s work. He came to the tunnel community 15 years ago and, through the years, has emerged as the community’s soft-spoken engineer, a Gary Cooper-strong-quiet-type who can work miracles with a pick ax, a shovel, ten tons of bedrock, and a vision. A little over two years ago the quiet bachelor surprised the community by showing an interest in and subsequently courting and marrying a young widow, born in the tunnels, named Olivia. From the moment he decided to pursue, Kanin began to show a side to himself that the community could only assume had always been there but needed Olivia to be brought out -- a more fun-loving, lighter, happier side."

Same for Mrs. Davis:
"MRS. DAVIS, late forties, an executive assistant at Simon and Schuster. She is a late-bloomer who has gained confidence from the fact that she’s made it through some horrific milestones, pulled herself together, and seems to be coming out on top." [Simon and Schuster is a major publisher founded in NYC in 1924... and is a division of CBS.]

Such descriptions indicate that the three main characters are people who have finally found their happiness after very harsh lives. The casual meeting in the hardware store suddenly disrupts all this.

In an earlier script version, Vincent was reading from the XIII chapter of "The Adventures of Peter Pan" instead of Wordsworth's poem in the final scene.

In a yet earlier version of the script, Kanin was the tunnel toymaker. The first part of that version was shared by the writers and appeared in the Fall 1997 issue of CABB's "Sanctuary". It is now posted online in the CABB website.

The son of the episode director Gus Trikonis is the child in the flashback where Kanin remembers the accident, according to Above & Below: A Guide to B&B, p. 85, and therefore supposedly in the photograph in the file too.

A text  version of the script posted as pdf can be found here.