God Bless the Child


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• Lena’s name is probably short for Magdalena, hinting at the prostitute who followed Jesus.

• The diner Cathy meets Lena at is called Agamenon's. (The correct spelling would be Agamemnon)

• A waitress is credited in the closing titles, but does not appear in the episode - she was in the diner scene, in an earlier version of the script.

• The episode has an overall Christmas flavor, recalling Vincent found as a newborn "wrapped in rags". It was filmed before Dead of Winter, but broadcasted after it (DoW on Dec 9, GBTC on Dec 16), to move it closer to Christmas.

• Several Christmas music/songs are spread along the episode:
It Came Upon A Midnight Clear - sung by the tunnel children directed by Father
Jingle Bells
The First Noel

• Vincent and Father argue about names for Lena's child, mentioning four female names from Shakespeare plays:
Rosalind - As You Like it
Imogen - Cymbeline
Juliet - Romeo and Juliet
Maria - Twelfth Night and Loves Labour Lost

• Vincent lends Lena a book by Lord Byron (1788-1824): she refers to it mentioning that she's liking "especially the letters". Byron was a superb letter-writer, many editions exist of his letters and journals. In an earlier version of the script Vincent quotes a poem from Byron's Childe Harold's Pilgrimage

• The identical clothing suggests that one of the prostitutes on the street as Cathy is searching for Lena is Lucy from No Way Down.




• Maurice, the "information broker", is also seen in The Hollow Men

• "God Bless the Child" is also the title of a song written by Billie Holiday and Arthur Herzog Jr. in 1939, as well as of a 1988 movie dedicated to "13 million children living in poverty in the USA today" (starring, among others, Dorian Harewood, Jason Walker from Terrible Savior)