Orphans Production Details

Production order:


Airing order in the USA:

Original air date:
February 24, 1989

Alex Gansa & Howard Gordon

Victor Lobl

Director of Photography:
Stevan Larner A.S.C.

Production Designer:
John Mansbridge

Michael F. Anderson

Don Davis - main theme by Lee Holdridge



Ron Perlman

Catherine Chandler

Linda Hamilton


Roy Dotrice

Charles Chandler John McMartin
Joe Maxwell Jay Acovone
Geoffrey Philip Waller
Jay Coolidge Fredric Arnold
Mark Coolidge Douglas Roberts
Marilyn Campbell Kate Williamson
Reception Nurse Heather James
ICU Nurse Rosie Lee Hooks
Doctor Abraham Alvarez

* Besides Ren Woods who's always credited also after her character Edie disappears, this episode sports two more wrong credits: David Greenlee in the opening credits, and Carolyn Finney in the closing credits, while neither Mouse nor Rita Escobar are in this episode.


Literary references:

At her father's funeral Catherine reads part of a story that her father loved:
Margery Williams, The Velveteen Rabbit, 1922

" What is real?", asked the Rabbit...

Musical references:



Supervising Producer: Stephen Kurzfeld
Producer: George R.R. Martin
Produced by: Kenneth R. Koch
Co-Producers: Alex Gansa, Howard Gordon
Co-Producer: Patricia Livingston
Created by: Ron Koslow

Executive Producers: Paul Junger Witt, Tony Thomas, Ron Koslow
Associate Producer: Anthony Mazzei
Coordinating Producer: David F. Schwartz

Unit Production Manager: Tony Brown
1st Assistant Director: Robert Yannetti
2nd Assistant Director: Richard Feld
Art Director: Joseph Hubbard
Set Decorator: Peg Cummings
Property Master: Bill Dietz
Stunt Coordinator: John C. Meier
Special Effects Coordinator: Gary Bentley
Script Supervisor: Patience Thoreson

Beast Make-up: Margaret Beserra
Make-up Artist: Fred Blau, Jr.
Hair Stylist: Josephine McCarthy
Costumers: Mary Taylor, Ron Hodge
Sound Mixers: Pat Mitchell, Rick Ash
Sound Editing: David Hankins
Music Editor: Lori Slomka
Main Titles: Robert Farina, Chris Arnold
Costume Designer: Judy Evans
Casting: Joyce Robinson A.C.E., Penny Ellers A.C.E.
Beast designed and created by Rick Baker

Matte Paiting & Special Visual Effects by ILLUSION ARTS

Excerpt from “The Velveteen Rabbit” by Margery Williams
Lenses & Panaflex ® Camera by Panavision ®
The persons and events in this program are fictitious.
Any similarity to actual persons or events is unintentional.

This program is protected under the laws of the United states and other countries. Unauthorized Duplication, distribution or exhibition may result In civil liabilities and criminal prosecution.
In association with Ron Koslow Films
A Witt Thomas Production
Republic Pictures
CBS Paramount Television